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Why EVERYONE needs to read WONDER by R J Palacio

Let’s talk about this wonderful paragon today.

The thing is, there are billions of people on our planet which is the most special planet in our galaxy, what with it the only one supporting life and all. So we live on a planet out of eight, in one galaxy out of billions, in a universe that is infinite.

Why EVERYONE needs to read Wonder by R J PalacioTo say that we are all unique in our own way would be an understatement of epic proportions, but I’m still going to say that. Have you ever met anyone who looks just like you? (Please don’t answer that if you’re a twin.) No, right. That’s because there is no one like you at least on your planet (unless you’re a twin of course). And that’s just talking about physical appearance, your thoughts are just as one of a kind as you are. My point is we are all so special to be living on such a special planet, in such a special galaxy that is part of an unimaginable infinity.

The reason for this rant is because the protagonist in this story that I’m talking about today hates being ‘special’. August Pullman is a 10 year old who was normal parents, a normal sister, normal life but an unusual facial appearance. He has a deformed face, the kind that scares other children, and he’s never been to a school before. But then his parents start discussing how it’s time and the next thing he knows he’s taking on the challenge, albeit fearfully. He wants to be treated like everyone else, he wants to be the normal kid with friends, but is he? Well, his struggles are what make the rest of the story, so I’ll right here but here’s why EVERYONE needs to read this book asap:

  • Auggie is a brave character, brave enough to take a chance when he has faced open revulsion from people all his life. Sometimes we all need to do that, have a little faith and just leap towards the things we want.
  • I think it’s very important to accept yourself before you expect other people to accept you. But it’s difficult to get past our insecurities, our flaws, even painful experiences, isn’t it? Well, it is for August too but he keeps trying.
  • Told from multiple viewpoints, the book not only delves into Auggie’s side of the story but also those around him, those whose lives are also affected by him. This adds great depth to the story. We see how an illness or a deformity affects the entire family, how everyone has to help make room for it.
  • These multiple POVs also gives the reader insights into a young brain. We see the book raising a lot of issues like teenage angst, feeling neglected, trying to fit it, trying to stand out, popularity, rich vs poor etc
  • A lot of things children to, they do for approval and they learn by example. So we as parents and educators need to become the person we want them to grow up to be. We ourself need to be more accepting, more empathetic to the world around us. Why?
  • Because we need kindness in this world. And not just for people like Auggie. No, Auggie is a boy just like any other and he deserves as much kindness as anyone. We need empathy and kindness for all of humanity to lead content, meaningful lives.
  • Friendship is another important part of this book. We see some beautiful relationships that are based on overcoming personal issues and embracing other people for all they are.
  • The book makes you think about what kind of a person you want to be? The kind that makes people smile or the kind that elicit fear or the kind that can break people to tears. It makes you want to responsible for your actions.
  • The story overall has such a positive aura. I was beaming through most of it, sometimes beaming through tears but beaming nonetheless.
  • Never judge a book by it’s cover. Or the title. Or what other people are saying about it. Judge a book for what it has to say. Judge a man for he/she has to say.