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Wisha Wozzariter

Today’s story is about the struggle and diligence of climbing the steep mountain to reach your dream, and the gratification after the climb when you’re living it. Ten year old Wisha Wozzariter wants nothing more than to be a writer but like most people with a dream she doesn’t know where to begin. Until one day when an unexpected guide shows her that it’s time that she stopped wishing and started writing and so she embarks on the Thought Express on the journey to writersville. Of course there are hurdles along the way but Wisha is determined to cross each one of them. Does she succeed?

Why read it?

To embark on an adventure high on imagination

Payal Kapadia’s amusing and bewitching narrative spells out all the ingredients to writing a book. The reader is taken on an incredible voyage into the world of imagination. From shopping for ideas with Wisha to hunting for her story’s heroine to battling the villain, there is never a dull moment.

Because we are all afraid

Wisha’s wonderful world features a trembling heroine instead of one who is an epitome of courage, making the reader realize that it is ok to be afraid but it not ok to let that fear stop you from following your dreams.

And inspiration is everywhere

Besides being the most spell binding read that I’ve come across in a while, I assure you that this book will kick your spirits high and into action. It will ignite a little spark of motivation in you (to overcome any block in the road).

For any one with a dream

Be it writing or anything else, we all have a destination in mind when it comes to life and ten year old Wisha proves that when you want something enough, then you find the courage and determination to achieve it.

There is a surprise at the end of the untravelled road

The road to achieving your dreams is an uncertain one, but be sure to reach the end line of self discovery and acceptance if not much else. And these two are enough baggage to embark on the next journey.

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this beauty for anyone, between the ages 10 and 100, who has a dream and is looking for a touch of inspiration.

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