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The Shy Supergirl

Cape. Check. Courage. Check. Superpower. Check.

What makes a superhero? Add a teaspoon of strength to a bowl of compassion, a tablespoon of courage and a pinch of uniqueness and voila… ! But those are traits that we all possess (the quantities may vary), so what makes them so different? I’d say the one thing that makes them different and the one superpower that every superhero in the world has in common is the power to feel for all of humanity, the ability to put everyone else’s life above your own, the inability to turn your back on someone who needs you but isn’t your own. They aren’t just bones and brains, it’s the heart that makes them special, that makes them different. It’s the heart that makes them super.

How things unfold?

Shabnam Minwalla’s The Shy Supergirl is about one such heart. If you’re expecting a tall, strong girl, flying from one building to another fighting crime and restoring peace then prepare to be surprised. Nine year old Nina is a shy, mostly quiet, weighing twenty one kgs, ordinary seeming girl with a secret superpower and this is the story of how she uses her power to expose the greedy and yes, of course unravel a crime.

Why read it?

A story of friendship

It is a simple, innocent story of friendship and crime solving that shows that size is an insignificant disadvantage when you have the advantage of an impeccable intuition and the nerve to trust it and yourself.

The extra in ordinary

Nina is the perfect example of being extraordinary and yet normal (aren’t we all a bit of both?), and her superpower is enviable.

For the fun adventure that is playing detective

Join Nina on a super sleuthing adventure and find out what her super power is.

To experience life as a supergirl

It’s not always nice to have a superpower sometimes it can get you into serious trouble, you know?

The book with a Hole!

This book is part of Duckbill’s Hole series (The books actually have a hole on the top. No kidding! You can even hang them!), which are short length, illustrated storybooks for younger readers.

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends the book for younger readers, age 7 and above. Put on your thinking hats and get ready for some crime busting!

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