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The House That Spoke

Reality can be a little harsh, perhaps even dull which is why it is sometimes you want to escape it and what better way than in the worlds of words? My favorite kinds of books are the ones that don’t sugar-coat the reality but that set it in a magical ambience while giving it a human quality.

How Things unfold?

Perhaps that’s why I loved today’s book.

Written by a 15 year old fantasy lover, The House That Spoke is about 14 year old Zoon, living in a heavenly house in Kashmir with her mother. She knows that her home is more that its beauty and right before her 15th birthday, she finds out the secret that her house has been guarding, a secret that unravels her heritage and her powers.

But with these powers and the magic she also discovers an enemy that she must defeat to save her home, as well as her Kashmir.

Why read it?

For magical Kashmir

Zuni Chopra’s Kashmir is magical both for its beauty as well as its reality. She paints a Kashmir majestic in its beauty, soulful in its suffering and colorful even in its darkness.

For a magical reality

As I said I like to read about a reality that is enveloped in a wrapping of the unreal. I like that the author has presented a morbid reality in such an endearing and imaginative setting. She gives Zoon a talking house as an ally in her fight against evil.

Imaginative and Hopeful

The narration is not just imaginative but also full of hope. One thing that I’ve learnt with this book is that darkness is always waiting around the corner to take charge and blow your world out of its balance but then there’s a fight waiting right inside you to defeat the darkness and find hope again.

Who is it for?

Zuni Chopra voice is fresh and mature, fun and rousing at the same time and Bookistaan recommends this eloquent read to any one above age 12.

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