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As a small town bookstore, we have an inclination towards Indian publishing and writing, that hasn’t been able to find the routes into smaller towns. We believe it’s important for children to be exposed to their own literature for them to grow into empathetic individuals, proud of their own roots.

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Reeja Radhakrishnan

The Big Book of World Mythology

These first stories from around the world reveal oodles about the cultures, fears, imagination, lifestyle and beliefs of the ancient human race across waters. The recurring themes and ideas also reveal that even though these races were culturally and geographically separated, they were somehow linked by winds of thought.

How things unfold?

The Big Book of World Mythology is divided into seven parts, classifying the stories on the basis of their origin (the seven continents). Reeja Radhakrishnan takes the reader on a spectacular journey, through time, across seas, digging history to find these tales which have part of cultures for generations. Along the way we meet Gods from Greece, India, Egypt, Scandinavia and mythical creatures like the firebird, dragons, fairy folks, and many more.

Why read it?

Unlock a treasury of supernatural

Dive deep into the ocean of wonder and lose yourself in these tales of magic where the ending might not always be happy but that doesn’t mean that they fall short of inspiration. Here’s your chance to meet giants and witches and queens and pharoahs.

Digging stories to reveal cultures

Come find out how the Chinese came to celebrate their New Year/Spring Festival in a big way, how Egyptians got their first Mummy, how King Arthur came to possess his mighty sword Excalibur and who is the Volcano Goddess of Hawaii.

The many adventures

Giant slaying with Beowulf or a dangerous quest with Thor for his Hammer or competing with Cuchulain to find out the greatest warrior of Ireland, gather your wits and might for the many adventures.

A time when imagination ruled

This is a time when imagination ruled, people relied on stories and not science to explain peculiar phenomenons, stories like how the bears lost the fire to humans, how the Sun and Moon came to be and how our galaxy came to be.

Ignite your imagination

These stories of magic and mythical beings will fuel imagination to soar high and your thoughts to be limitless.


Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends these tales for anyone above 10, interested in uncovering the history of stories.