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A – Z Detective Agency

How things unfold?

Ashwin is on a mission to make money this summer so he can go on the School trip and make friends. All he needs is a business plan. As he jumps from the nimbu pain business to selling hand made crafts, all without much success, he stumbles upon a piece of paper that changes his life.

Next thing you know, Ashwin learns how to summon a Djinni, and start yet another business The A-Z Detective Agency. Only as luck would have it the Djinni who comes to  his rescue seems to be in need of rescue herself. Will this school going, forgetful, novice of a Djinni, disguised as a 9 year old girl be able to able Ashwin? Will Ashwin succeed in his mission?

Why read it?

For Ashwin’s entrepreneurial ideas

One reason I loved this character is for his many business ideas and his financial independence, his eagerness to earn his own money and pay for the trip himself.

For loads of anecdotes on Djinnestan

Parinita Shetty paints a mystic and intriguing picture of the world of Djinnies.

For friendship that happens

Just like how the best things in life just happen, the best of friends also just happen. They are not planned, they are happystances that you stumble upon.

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this one for ages 8 and above, all you young readers out there!

The Big Book of World Mythology

These first stories from around the world reveal oodles about the cultures, fears, imagination, lifestyle and beliefs of the ancient human race across waters. The recurring themes and ideas also reveal that even though these races were culturally and geographically separated, they were somehow linked by winds of thought.

How things unfold?

The Big Book of World Mythology is divided into seven parts, classifying the stories on the basis of their origin (the seven continents). Reeja Radhakrishnan takes the reader on a spectacular journey, through time, across seas, digging history to find these tales which have part of cultures for generations. Along the way we meet Gods from Greece, India, Egypt, Scandinavia and mythical creatures like the firebird, dragons, fairy folks, and many more.

Why read it?

Unlock a treasury of supernatural

Dive deep into the ocean of wonder and lose yourself in these tales of magic where the ending might not always be happy but that doesn’t mean that they fall short of inspiration. Here’s your chance to meet giants and witches and queens and pharoahs.

Digging stories to reveal cultures

Come find out how the Chinese came to celebrate their New Year/Spring Festival in a big way, how Egyptians got their first Mummy, how King Arthur came to possess his mighty sword Excalibur and who is the Volcano Goddess of Hawaii.

The many adventures

Giant slaying with Beowulf or a dangerous quest with Thor for his Hammer or competing with Cuchulain to find out the greatest warrior of Ireland, gather your wits and might for the many adventures.

A time when imagination ruled

This is a time when imagination ruled, people relied on stories and not science to explain peculiar phenomenons, stories like how the bears lost the fire to humans, how the Sun and Moon came to be and how our galaxy came to be.

Ignite your imagination

These stories of magic and mythical beings will fuel imagination to soar high and your thoughts to be limitless.


Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends these tales for anyone above 10, interested in uncovering the history of stories.

The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Genius

When you’re growing up the smallest of problems can look like the world tumbling down, a zit can seem like your very end, confusion is your middle name and siblings are your enemies. It’s a difficult age, a class test can seem like a crisis, a small mess up can crush your confidence and a compliment can make your day. Self-doubt is a big part of you and getting people to accept you, a most crucial mission.

And today’s book is all about this momentous period.

How things unfold?

13-year-old Arjun Bhasin, a middle child who is neither at the top of the class nor at the bottom, relishes his average status and almost invisible, ‘no expectations’ existence. Until one day, when one test turns his life upside down. Suddenly, he is labelled a genius, and his whole life crumbles. His best friend abandons him for being a traitor, his sister hates him even more than usual for having hijacked her star-of-the-family title, his teachers beam at him all the time waiting for him to bless them with words of wisdom and his parents start treating him like a lab experiment, putting him through one talent class after another, trying to bring out his ‘geniosity’ and soon the entire clan joins in. His life is now a circus and he is the circus freak who is lost, who doesn’t know who he is anymore. Will he find an escape? Or will he, as he suspects, go crazy as most geniuses do?

Why read it?

A comfort read that is super funny

Paro Anand’s The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Genius is a book that will make you feel. It will make you feel normal for being confused, for not knowing what to do, it will make you feel normal for crying when a friend leaves you and you’re alone, and it will comfort you for feeling like you are not understood. And it will do all this while making you laugh.

For a lovable, relate-able character

Her character is witty and funny, but most of all he is relate-able, he shows how by accepting yourself, you are a mile closer to getting people to accept you and no matter how big problems may seem, they always come with an expiration date. You just have to be patient.

For some growing up wisdom

Paro Anand offers some serious 13-year olds’ wisdom, tips on how to get through growing up, from tackling best friend issues to embracing your awesomeness.

And finding yourself

Who know? You might just end up finding ways to channelise the anxiety and finding yourself?

After all, it’s all about embracing your ‘geniosity’

To find out how Arjun uncovers his hidden genius.


Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends it to all you lost and confused almost teenagers, age 10 and above, who are looking for a friend.

Wisha Wozzariter

Today’s story is about the struggle and diligence of climbing the steep mountain to reach your dream, and the gratification after the climb when you’re living it. Ten year old Wisha Wozzariter wants nothing more than to be a writer but like most people with a dream she doesn’t know where to begin. Until one day when an unexpected guide shows her that it’s time that she stopped wishing and started writing and so she embarks on the Thought Express on the journey to writersville. Of course there are hurdles along the way but Wisha is determined to cross each one of them. Does she succeed?

Why read it?

To embark on an adventure high on imagination

Payal Kapadia’s amusing and bewitching narrative spells out all the ingredients to writing a book. The reader is taken on an incredible voyage into the world of imagination. From shopping for ideas with Wisha to hunting for her story’s heroine to battling the villain, there is never a dull moment.

Because we are all afraid

Wisha’s wonderful world features a trembling heroine instead of one who is an epitome of courage, making the reader realize that it is ok to be afraid but it not ok to let that fear stop you from following your dreams.

And inspiration is everywhere

Besides being the most spell binding read that I’ve come across in a while, I assure you that this book will kick your spirits high and into action. It will ignite a little spark of motivation in you (to overcome any block in the road).

For any one with a dream

Be it writing or anything else, we all have a destination in mind when it comes to life and ten year old Wisha proves that when you want something enough, then you find the courage and determination to achieve it.

There is a surprise at the end of the untravelled road

The road to achieving your dreams is an uncertain one, but be sure to reach the end line of self discovery and acceptance if not much else. And these two are enough baggage to embark on the next journey.

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this beauty for anyone, between the ages 10 and 100, who has a dream and is looking for a touch of inspiration.

Master Mythologist

Mythology is a very important part of growing up. We’ve all grown up with stories from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, stories of Yudhishthira’s wisdom, Hanuman’s devotion and Krishna’s mischiefs. These stories, more than teaching us ideal behavior, introduced us to the supernatural, to Gods coming to earth to save humanity, to flying horses and shape- shifting men. These stories have not only been used by generations to pass on a sense of right and wrong but also are the basis for passing on imagination.

Author, illustrator, speaker, mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik does just that. He has written more than thirty books, both for children and adults, many of them bestsellers. He retells mythology for the current generation, spreading culture and passing on wonder.

Here are five reasons everyone, kids and adults, should read mythology Devdutt Pattanaik style.

Easy breezy style

His writing is meant for the current generation and so he keeps the language simple and to the point, which succeeds in dazzling the reader.  The best part about his narration is that he gives information in small doses, so that it does not overwhelm the reader and at the same time manages to keep their interest (an important feat when writing for children).

Free from teachings

Mythology on a lot of levels aims to teach and preach a certain way of living, thinking. Thankfully Devdutt Pattanaik does not take that route. His renditions are free of bias or opinions which makes them all the more charming as this gives the reader a chance to make their own interpretation of the characters and draw their own conclusions.

Pashu: Animal tales from Hindu Mythology by Devdutt Pattanaik

Pashu: Animal tales from Hindu Mythology by Devdutt Pattanaik

Making age-old stories more accessible for the younger generation

Imagine Krishna at an Airport or Shiva playing charades with kids! The Gods in the 21st Century! What an incredulous sight that would be and Devdutt Pattanaik brings it to life in Fun in Devlok Omnibus. He makes Gods relatable, lovable and accessible. He makes it easier and fun to understand the Divine.

Endearing illustrations

Illustrations are a very friendly medium to ease into complex themes and make them all the more engaging and Devdutt Pattanaik’s illustrations are both engaging and fun.

Modern mythology

Devdutt Pattanaik challenges another convention by narrating the women’s side of the story, the many versions of it. He takes a very fresh route of retelling the Ramayana from Sita’s point of view and the Mahabharata from Jaya’s point of view, which makes his versions more appealing to the current generation.

Jaya: an Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik

Jaya: an Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik

Bookistaan Recommends

For Younger readers (Age 7 onwards)

  • Fun in Devlok Omnibus
  • Pashu Animal Tales from Hindu Mythology

For Middle Readers (Age 11 onwards)

  • Sita (Illustrated Retelling of Ramayana)
  • Jaya (Illustrated Retelling of Mahabharata)