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Bookasura: The Adventure of Bala and the book-eating Monster


Imagination is a free bird when we are young, a bird that we consciously or unconsciously learn to tame or even cage as we grow up. But leave it unfettered and it will soar high, it will take you to uncharted places and guide you through them. It is the key to grasping the limitless, seemingly impossible, possibilities of the mind and making them reality. It is the belief that you can if you want to and dare to, faith in yourself and the impossible.

How things unfold?

Arundhati Venkatesh in her book Bookasura: The Adventures of Bala and the Book-eating Monster sketches a different definition of imagination for us. Bala is a young boy who breathes stories and devours books (not literally). When he is sent to his Grandparents’ for the vacation he is content for there at least he can read in peace. However, while wandering in the garden one late evening he encounters an enormous, ravenous, multi-headed monster named Bookasura who finds books pleasantly appetizing. To save himself from being eaten Bala comes to an agreement with the monster; that he will bring the monster 3 books every day in exchange for his life. But what will Bala do when he runs out of books? Especially since no one believes that the monster is real.

Why read it?

Of courage and book loving

Bala’s is a delightful tale of courage and book loving, he shows how stories have the ability to stay with you forever and come back to you just when you need them.

Let your imagination run wild

In this winner of Comic Con Best Children Book 2015, Arundhati Venkatesh shows that imagination is the only superpower one needs to destroy the monster that is fear.

and then feed it and make it stronger

The book establishes (or re-establishes) your faith in the power of imagination and wonder and shows how books feed this power.

A perfectly satisfying end

Her writing is entertaining but the best part is the ending which is like a stunning display of fireworks, it is just flawless and completely satisfying.

And again to celebrate the magic of books

Meet a fellow book-lover, get a glimpse into his life and his fears and see how books become his saviour.


Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this one for younger readers, age 6 and above, a fun story to feed your imagination.