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Ananya Mittal

Ramayana in Rhyme

The myth that is part of every growing up in India, the myth associated with our most major festival, The Ramayana probably has more than 300 known versions, with more coming up every year. What makes each version so special and varied is the voice; like any written text each version adopts the voice and personality of its storyteller and the essence of its time of birth.

Today, we have a very lyrical, very contemporary version of this age old epic – Ramayana in Rhyme by Kairavi Bharat Ram and Ananya Mittal and here’s why you should give it a try:

Ramayana Dr Seuss style
Mythology has been an unapproachable read for children, it’s something that they grow up listening to but dread reading. But here’s a versions that is not only in tune with the current time and it is also fun. You can sing it, rap or just recite, It narrative is si breezy that it’ll have you hooked right from the start.

20 minutes of mythology
And the best part, it will take you some 20 minutes or so to read. 20 minutes is all you need to brush up your child’s mythology in q quirky but fun way. Plus it has additional stuff to offer i the end, like relationship web and map.

Colorful, distinctive illustrations
Vandana Bist and Suvidha Mistry’s colorful and detailed illustrations successfully make the narrative even more magical and mysterious.

Who is it for?
Bookistaan recommends this charming version for all ages, starting younger readers. A perfect way to introduce your child to mythology!