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The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Genius

When you’re growing up the smallest of problems can look like the world tumbling down, a zit can seem like your very end, confusion is your middle name and siblings are your enemies. It’s a difficult age, a class test can seem like a crisis, a small mess up can crush your confidence and a compliment can make your day. Self-doubt is a big part of you and getting people to accept you, a most crucial mission.

And today’s book is all about this momentous period.

How things unfold?

13-year-old Arjun Bhasin, a middle child who is neither at the top of the class nor at the bottom, relishes his average status and almost invisible, ‘no expectations’ existence. Until one day, when one test turns his life upside down. Suddenly, he is labelled a genius, and his whole life crumbles. His best friend abandons him for being a traitor, his sister hates him even more than usual for having hijacked her star-of-the-family title, his teachers beam at him all the time waiting for him to bless them with words of wisdom and his parents start treating him like a lab experiment, putting him through one talent class after another, trying to bring out his ‘geniosity’ and soon the entire clan joins in. His life is now a circus and he is the circus freak who is lost, who doesn’t know who he is anymore. Will he find an escape? Or will he, as he suspects, go crazy as most geniuses do?

Why read it?

A comfort read that is super funny

Paro Anand’s The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Genius is a book that will make you feel. It will make you feel normal for being confused, for not knowing what to do, it will make you feel normal for crying when a friend leaves you and you’re alone, and it will comfort you for feeling like you are not understood. And it will do all this while making you laugh.

For a lovable, relate-able character

Her character is witty and funny, but most of all he is relate-able, he shows how by accepting yourself, you are a mile closer to getting people to accept you and no matter how big problems may seem, they always come with an expiration date. You just have to be patient.

For some growing up wisdom

Paro Anand offers some serious 13-year olds’ wisdom, tips on how to get through growing up, from tackling best friend issues to embracing your awesomeness.

And finding yourself

Who know? You might just end up finding ways to channelise the anxiety and finding yourself?

After all, it’s all about embracing your ‘geniosity’

To find out how Arjun uncovers his hidden genius.


Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends it to all you lost and confused almost teenagers, age 10 and above, who are looking for a friend.

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