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Sarah the Suppressed Anger of the Pakistani Obedient Daughter

Emotions have a way of haunting, if not let free, and must be handled with care.

Ayesha Tariq’s graphic novel brings alive the many colors of a 17 year old girl’s emotion. Sarah feels trapped in her family, she has the smallest room in the house which she feels is about to be replaced by the smaller and unoccupied servants’ room, she has to wash dishes, entertain guests, and give everything more importance that her looming exams. She is subject to objectification and objections on a daily basis and is tired of being a second class citizen compared to her brother. She is tired of being a girl, of giving everyone’s opinion of her more importance that her own dreams. Life doesn’t seem fair and she’s finally about to lose it.

Why Read it?

The story of every girl
Sarah’s voice is a relatable one. Her feelings, her annoyance is something that every girl has felt at some point and in some measure and that is what makes her a voice of every girl.

The innocent questioning
Sarah constantly resents her brother’s privileged status and considers her family as the one thing stopping her from living her dreams. Tariq subtly and very innocently brings out social issues like gender hypocrisy and even child abuse.

Model behavior?
From a very young age we are exposed to dos and don’ts and Sarah is no different. Her life is defined for her – from what she should not wear, to who she mustn’t go out with, how she should walk, talk. To be a good daughter she must be obedient, her reputation is more important than her dreams. But why must her life be defined by someone else?

The eloquent illustrations
The illustrations are fun and yet have a language of their own, deep and loud they bring out Sarah’s sentiments beautifully.

An array of emotions
Sarah takes her reader on a roller coaster of emotions from resentment to annoyance to anger to suppression and then repeat.

Who is it for?
Bookistaan recommends this one for young adults, ages 14 and above.

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