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One Day in Kaziranga

One reason why I think picture books are a matchless, magical experience is because they have the ability to say so much without actually saying it. They leave a lot to the reader’s/ storyteller’s imagination. There’s always a lot more meaning between the lines, one just has to have an open mind to see it.

How things unfold?

Sharada Kolluru in her book One Day in Kaziranga takes the reader on a jungle safari to the forest of Kaziranga. There she introduces us to Bunnu Bhai, the cheery and rhythmic Rhino who has a song for every occasion. And on this day Bunnu Bhai decides to tweak his daily routine a little bit and celebrate his euphoria (cos that’s just who he is) by throwing a party, and not just any party, he invites all the denizens of the jungle to a night of vegetarianism! While the animals are first apprehensive even appalled at the idea of eating salad, they finally agree and thus starts the feast and revelry, the likes of which no one has ever seen or even heard of before. But what happens when the merrymaking is interrupted by an earthquuuaaake!?

Here are reasons to give this visual safari a try.

For a wonderfully guided tour of the wilderness of Kaziranga.

Sharada Kolluru in her narration is pretty informative and funny, she draws out the jungle till the last detail, leaving the reader with a lot of facts about life in the wild (be sure to be prepared to answer all your kid’s questions, they will have plenty after this book).

To sing and dance to Bunnu Bhai’s wacky and poetic lyrics.

Bunnu Bhai’s songs are not just the perfect blend of rhyme and reason but also are so addictive that you will definitely be humming them for a long time.

For a colorful portrait of the jungle and the purple rhino.

The beautiful, enchanting illustrations paint a colorful, fun picture of the jungle and it’s something else to hear of a tiger helping himself to some salad (albeit with an eye roll)

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends it for ages 4 and above, mothers here’s your chance to be Bunnu Bhai’s voice.

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