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Meet the Mischievous Marmaladies

Life becomes mechanical without us noticing, we rush from one check point to another in our routine without much sentiment and time plays a key role in this scheme of things. With so much to accomplish in so little time, life can seem like a race in which time is always running out. But can you imagine a life without time? What if time decides to bunk? What would happen to our life? Will we feel relieved or would our life collapse?

How things unfold?

Himanjali Sankar in her book The Stupendous Time-Telling Superdog transports us into such a world. The Orange Marmaladies living in the Black Whole of Time are the Original Timekeepers of the Universe. They have always loved Earth, there was a time when they used to be chums with the Earthlings, in fact the first sundial was their gift to the humans but it was also the agent that made them invisible to human eyes.

Now, almost 5000 years later, they are tired of being ignored and infuriated enough to play a little prank, courtesy to which all time pieces on Earth suddenly stop. Life is in chaos, people are in frenzy and work suffers. Only one family is coping with the disaster unfazed, the Ghoshs’, because they have Rousseau, the time telling but otherwise dense dog. Then over night Rousseau becomes a star, a guiding star, the world looking at him to show them a direction. While the family is excited at first, soon all the attention becomes exasperating, especially for Rousseau who becomes nervous around too many people.

Will time return to Earth and free Rousseau from the responsibility of guiding the world? Will the Orange Marmaladies find visibility?

Why read it?

A Doggy tale that is lovable as can be

A dog story never gets old, add to it tiny, orange creatures on a protest to get back their identity, pride and win reserved, front row seats to the Miss Universe show, and you have a funny tale that tickles you to the bone.

Add to it a subtle message

Himanjali Sankar does a successful job of showing us just how caught up we are in routines to notice the small, wonderful things that life offers.

An eye-opener that is fun and funny

Her writing is captivating and eye-opening without being preachy. It is a simple tale with a lot more to it than meets the eye.

With great power comes great popularity

Rousseau deals with the popularity that comes upon him, thanks to his superpowers, one tantrum at a time. Fame is not his game.

To find out?

  • If Rousseau (yes, named after Jean Jacques Rousseau) is able to save the day
  • If the Orange Marmaladies are able to come to a settlement with the oblivious Earthlings.


Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this one for ages 8 and above, come join the Orange Marmaladies Anti-clock movement.

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