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Koobandhee: the Adventures of Bala and the Book-Barfing Monster

Six months after Bala used the super power of his imagination to vanquish Bookasura, the Book eating monster of Melagam, Bala is back all set to ride into another adventure.

How things unfold?

Arundhati Venkatesh’s sequel Koobandhee: the Adventures of Bala and the Book-Barfing Monster, follows Bala after his victory over the book eating master, as he tries to deal with his book-chewing, toe-biting, ‘nasty gnat’ of a little sister, Meera. He couldn’t be happier when his mother tells him he’s off to Melagam, finally some peace for him and his books! Plus he’s get to see a fellow book buff in the face of Bookasura!

But that bubble bursts pretty soon when he finds out his sister is accompanying him to Melagam and then his one one ray of hope disappears when he realizes Bookasura’s home is now inhabited by a headless, book-barfing she-monster who blames him for her horrible digestive system and wants to swallow him whole. However will he survive this one?

Why read it?

Monsters and mythology
Arundhati Venkatesh yet again successfully brings alive another monster of our mythology, giving her personality a funny and farting twist.

Imagination wins yet again
And like last time, imagination and the power of reading win the day for Bala once again.

Sibling revelry
But Bala has another accomplice this time around, of a shiny-headed, gurgling variety.

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this one for the younger reader, ages 7 and above, yearning for an adventure with a perfect ending.
But be sure to try Book 1 as well (here’s the bookistaan review-!

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