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Of growing up and growing old

If you’ve had the pleasure of knowing your grandparents, I’m sure you will vouch that they are the most amazing people ever, the source of infinite spellbinding stories, immense encouragement and of course regular gifts and chocolates. But they are more than our constant supporters, protectors, defenders; they are our inspiration, our teachers, our heroes. They are the stubborn proof of change, set on making us better people. They are our roots, our identity. They may be crazy sometimes or orthodox or embarrassing or even scary but they are always insanely affectionate, the roof that shades us from the rain.

How things unfold?

Ranjit Lal introduces us to one such zany, zealous grandfather in his Our Nana was a Nutcase. Gosling, Duckling and twins Dumpling and Dingaling was been raised by their nutty Nana, he is the only parent they have ever known while their parents have been AWOL since before they could walk, too busy with their careers. An ex Army Doctor, Nana is very unconventional (read eccentric) in his ways, he wakes his ‘patloon’ up with trumpets and a show, their day starts and ends with staring at the mountains (they live in the hills) and their weekend plans include trekking, camping and treasure hunts. Life at the Shadow House with Nana as commander in chief is never boring even when his memory starts lapsing, only small hiccups at first. But then he is diagnosed with dementia and their Mama comes up with a plan to dump him in a loony home. How will Nana’s ‘patloon’ save him from his daughter’s diabolical plan?

Why Read it?

For the love of family

In this heart touching story about family love and growing up, there is never a dull page; a fun filled family adventure that shows us that life without some people is incomplete and these people are worth taking all the risks for.

And grandparents

Nana is the most lovable character with his nutty ideas, vintage cars, crazy schemes, he is anything but the conventional grandfather.

To never giving up

When the going gets tough, the tough stick together and fight back. That is what families are all about and Nana’s ‘Patloon’ is never one to surrender in the face of a problem.

A laugh riot that is  high on emotion

Ranjit Lal’s wacky characters never cease to amuse, be it the ‘Dumpling and Dingaling Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.’ coming up with new swindling ideas by the hour or Nana and his ‘covert’ romance with Shabby Aunty.

Not just a story about an illness

The best part about this story is that although it is a story of an illness that affects the family, the illness never takes centre stage. It is the family, growing with time and the illness, that is the show stealer showing us that love is the glue that holds us together.

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this one for ages 14 and above, you will love life at the Shadow House.

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