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As a small town bookstore, we have an inclination towards Indian publishing and writing, that hasn’t been able to find the routes into smaller towns. We believe it’s important for children to be exposed to their own literature for them to grow into empathetic individuals, proud of their own roots.

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The Great River Magic

The famed village of Rajpur is said to be bound in an age old magic, a magic bestowed upon its people by a fairy for saving her life. A magic that is a big part of the life of its residents.

Sangeeta wants nothing more than to unravel mathematical problems all day but at the end of school what awaits her is her responsibility as the first born to learn the family business so she can single handedly take over one day. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t feel for it enough. It also doesn’t matter that her younger brother feels for it a lot. Such is a normal, magical day in Rajpur, until the magic somehow starts going wrong and there’s a real mystery to unravel…

Why read it?

To challenge tradition
Nandini Nayar’s The Great River Magic challenges a lot of traditions and forces the reader to take that course of thought also. It forces one to question the hitherto accepted standard, age doesn’t make a practice right after all!

A peep beyond the surface
Sometimes the answers are right in front of us and we still see right through them. Sangeeta’s story is no different, her problem comes with an answer like any other, but will she be able to finally see it?

For a little push to chase your dreams
Failure can be scary and especially if there are too many people steering your life but what this book assures you if that no matter how bleak the chances may seem, no matter how difficult the flight may seem, you have got to try. Start with a leap, if flying seems too scary, but start.

Who is it for?
Bookistaan recommends middle readers, ages 10 and above, to dive into The Great River Magic for a taste of courage and adventure.

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