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Girls to the Rescue

What’s a fairy tale without a little romance, lots of magic, a happy ending and a girl waiting to be rescued?

Fairy tales mostly originated in Europe, and have been a part of (not just) their culture since time immemorial, have many versions, some ghastly, but mostly dreamy. Since Literature is a reflection of the time and society of its origin, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty had not just beauty in common, they were also all missing in action. Trapped, they had no option but to wait for a man to save them and when he did, their happy ending was marriage. These damsels in distress were all dependent on someone else, sometimes supernatural intervention and sometimes Prince Charming, to change their fate.

Well, today’s book will (thankfully!) change your definition of fairy tales and here are 5 reasons to give Sowmya Rajendran’s Girls to the Rescue a shot:

Go Girl Power!

In her version of fairy tales; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and the Princess decide to take charge of their situation and not follow convention/script. They are on a mission to be examples of strength and independence, to be better inspiration today that they have been all these years.

Trashing stereotypes

Sowmya Rajendran’s Girls to the Rescue debunks the idea of marriage/love as an only happy ending and makes women their own saviours. These modern women are out to change the definition of fairy tales and they do it like a boss.

A witty fairytale makeover

Sowmya Rajendran respins these fairy tales with wit and humour. Her narration is full of unexpected but welcome twists and incredible endings.

Goodbye old notions

The book not only challenges how we see gender roles but also changes the notions of beauty, happiness and perfection.

Because no bird likes being caged

She shows that every cage comes with an escape route, you just have to be crazy enough to see it and brave enough to try it. So, get set and fly high!

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this one for all you fairy tale lovers, from age 7 to 100 (Middle Readers), who are bored of the Prince always saving the day and find Damsels in distress annoying and offensive.

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