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Welcome to Bookistaan

Bookistaan is India’s first recommendations based online children’s bookstore

As a small town bookstore, we have an inclination towards Indian publishing and writing, that hasn’t been able to find the routes into smaller towns. We believe it’s important for children to be exposed to their own literature for them to grow into empathetic individuals, proud of their own roots.

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What is bookistaan ?

Bookistaan started as a book recommendations blog for parent and grew into a recommendations based online children’s bookstore. We feel that books more than anything help a person grow and so they ought to be a part of every childhood. So, for parents who want to expose their children to the magical world of books and don’t know where to start or for children who don’t know what to read next, we are your answer.

How to place an order?

Add your selection to the cart, the discount will be applied automatically. You can choose to pay by card or opt for COD.

What makes Bookistaan different ?

We are curators of #KidLit. Everything we recommend is from experience and research, which means we believe in every title that we push. Also, there is a lot of content out there today and we feel that great books produced in India get lost amidst unsurmountable piles. Our job is to hunt down great content and provide diverse, relatable books to our readers.

What is your return policy?

We don’t take returns in case you change your mind while the product is in transit, so please make sure you want the product before you place an order. However if the product turns out to be damaged, you can write to us on the following mail id: [email protected].

How do I decide which kind of book select for my child?

Children’s books are a bit complicated. You should read to your child based on their age and reading level. Here’s how we define the ages:

0-3 years: Stick to Board books for this age since infants and toddlers tend to tear off paper.

0-6 years: You can start exposing your child to Picture Books quite early as well. It is advisable to not hand over paperbacks to them if they are in the paper tearing phase.

6-9 years: This is when children are starting to read and it’s best to expose them to Phonics Readers and then Early Chapter books to ease them into the phase.

10-13 years: Middle grade novels.

14-18 years: Young Adult books

Also, check out our blogpost to know more about children books:

We are a school, how do we contact for doing an event at a school?

Go to the events page in the main menu and fill in the dialogue box. Please do make sure to leave your phone number and email address, along with preferred time to get the call, and someone from our team will get in touch with you to discuss the details.

How do we advertise with you?

Write to us with your proposal at [email protected].

what is your policy on delivery charges?

We charge Rs. 50 flat on orders of value less than Rs. 500. Free delivery on orders whose value is above Rs.500.

what is your policy on bulk orders?

if you want big quantities of a particular title and and the cart is unable to process the order, write to us at [email protected] with your requirement and date of requirement. If you are looking for something for a birthday party etc., again, write to us and we can make suggestions if you give us details about the expected audience.


Also, you can write to us on the same mail ID if you are a school and want to make a library purchase. We will send you our stock-list and you can place the order or it.

Why do I need to sign in my details such as name , age ect?

Since we are a recommendations based selling platform, it helps us to know basic things about you and your child like age, gender, so we can provide more specific reading options. Our database is highly secure and we don’t share our customer details with anyone else.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

We do a themed newsletter, out every month, where we recommend books for every age-group. To subscribe to this newsletter, add your mail address with us.

How do we collaborate with you?

Write to us with your proposal at [email protected].


Did not find the right book for your child?

We are on foot to fetch you the right books for your kids so Call us on +91 9711541107 or email us at [email protected] to find the best solution today itself.