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Wordless picture books

Ok so let’s talk about books without words today!

Wordless Picture books. These are books that tell a story, obviously, but they don’t tell it, instead they show you a story. With zero words. The pictures drive plot and the story is really what you make of it.

So these books are entirely about art and interpretation. Wordless picture books are such an empowering style of storytelling because it’s the reader and their imagination that is essentially driving the story. In that sense they improve the child’s attention span and are great for kids who don’t yet read!

Here are some of our favorite silent books, if you want to make some suggestions do drop in a comment:

Image result for the red book barbara lehmanThe Red Book by Barbara Lehmen

A girl happens upon a red book one snowy day, a book without any words. But in the book is a boy, a friend, who awaits her. A new world full of possibilities awaits her, will she be brave enough to embark on the adventure.



Image result for south patrick mcdonnellSouth by Patrick McDonnell

This is the story of a little bird who wakes up to find all his friends and family have left the tree and gone south for the winter. The lost little bird then befriends a cat to help him find his way back home.



Image result for flora and the flamingoFlora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle

Flora is enamored by the Flamingo’s graceful stance and want stop be just like it. The Flamingo however is annoyed by this girl trying to imitate him. An unlikely friendship with a lot of dance, this a delightful book that’ll have the reader dancing along.



Image result for the boy and the bookThe Boy and the Book by David Michael Slater

Another book about a book! This one is about a boy who goes to a library and finds a book that he falls in love with. He reads it and reads it and reads it and the next day wants to read it again but the book doesn’t want to be found, in fact it wants to get rid of the boy.



Image result for the lion and the mouse jerry pinkneyThe Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

This is an award winning wordless retelling of the famous Aesop’s Fable about an act of kindness that comes around. You can probably tell from the cover, the illustration in this book are so vivid, you can almost feel the jungle around you.