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Author - Vibha Batra

Author – Vibha Batra

A copywriter by profession and a fiction writer by passion, Vibha Batra describes herself as a compulsive writer. Having written for both adults and younger audiences, she has more than nine books to her credit. In Conversation with the author.

How and when did you catch the writing bug?

VB: Like all the other things in life, I like to blame it on my genes. My maternal grandfather was a prolific author. And I come from a family of book lovers. Despite my best intentions, some of that love brushed off on me.

Tell us a little bit about your projects?

VB: Recent projects: My romcom Ludhiana to London is just out. It is available exclusively on the juggernaut app and website. *shameless plug* Next up, is a book for tweens.

Having written for both young adults and adults, which do you think is more challenging and how different are the two, if at all?

VB: You know, I’ve a whole speech drafted that attempts to answer this very question. To cut a long story short, they are same-same but different.

How do you get your ideas and how long does it take for an idea to shape into a book?

VB: Where do the ideas come from? Honestly, I’ve been asking that question for a while now. All I know is, they just do. And some just happen to be pesky and sticky enough to turn to books.

What are the roles that you play in life and how do you balance them all?

VB: I think you should ask my family, friends and colleagues that. On second thoughts, please don’t. J

Do you think your characters are an extension of your personality?

VB: Gosh, considering there are all sorts populating my books, I’d say I sincerely hope not!

As a writer, how important has reading been to you? Do you have a favorite genre?

VB: As a human, reading has been very important to me! I read anything and everything, anytime, anywhere. Except horror. Hats off to people who are fond of that genre AND are capable of making solo midnight trips to the loo. J

And most difficult of all, 5 books that have always stayed with you?

VB: Hmm, why don’t I just take the easy way out and say the 5 novels I’ve written so far. #NotSoHumbleBrag