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Asmara’s Summer

Andaleeb Wajid’s latest novel Asmara’s Summer is the story of 17 year old Asmara, confident, popular and a little bit of a diva. But behind her perfect life is a secret, one that even her best friends are unaware of, one that she thinks could be the end of her life.

Much to her dismay she is thrown into this secret and despite her protests has to live it for a month. She has to live in Tannery Road – a conservative part of the city, a place she has avoided all her life – where her grandparents live. Of course she plans to spend it cooped up in one room, away from civilization and technology!

Why read it?

A Beautiful story about growing up
Asmara’s is a simple yet heart warming story about growing up, as she comes to accept her situation and learns to deal with it, Asmara discovers a lot about herself and who she can be.

And accepting yourself and your own
Through her journey she also realizes that accepting oneself is the first step to loving oneself. She learns to accept who she is and where she comes from and finds peace in that acceptance.

To never judge a book by it’s cover
That’s exactly what we do, don’t we? We assume rather than observe, we form an opinion on the basis of hearsay instead of experience and that’s exactly what this book questions.

Life can surprise you in the most unexpected ways
In the one month that she had thought would be the longest, most painful time of her life, Asmara finds the most number of surprises.

And above all never cease to fight for what you know is not right
The biggest surprise is perhaps herself for she begins to feel and fight for people and things she never could have imagined in the wildest of her dreams.

Who is it for?

Bookistaan recommends this one for the young adult, ages 14 and above.

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